Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrifty Saves

President Day Sale at Value Village!
50%off SALE

Men's Champion Athletic Shirt:  $5.99/$3.00

Boys Russell Athletic Fleece Coat: (NEW) $3.99/$2.00

Boys Old Navy Button up Shirt: $3.99/$2.00

Boys Canyon River Blues Button up Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Boys St. Patricks Shirt: $1.99/$1.00

Boys Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Boys Trans Formers Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Toddler Girls Arizona Capri's: $2.99/$1.50

Toddler Girls Kids Headquaters Coat: $3.99/$2.00

Toddler Girls Rubber Rain Boots: $3.99/$2.00

Kidsline Girls Crib Sheet: $3.99/$2.00

Toddler Girls Strawberry Shortcake Fleece Blanket: $4.99/$2.50

2 Recycled Caprisun Zip Pouch: $3.99/$2.00 (each)

Curtain Rod: (Not on Sale) $1.99

Total: $54.85/$30.97


GO! To Value Village today and SAVE! 

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