Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrifty Saves

At Old Navy

Not only saving money at Thrift Stores but 
CLEARANCE day at a retail store are even BETTER!

(2) Boys Vest: $29.94/$7.49 each

Boys Long Sleeve Soccer Shirt: $12.94/$1.47

Girls Fleece Pants: $12.94/$3.99

Girls Fleece Zip Up Coat: $14.94/$3.99

Toddler (Girls) Teal Lace Shirt: $14.94/$5.49

Toddler (Girls) Brown Fleece Pants: $9.94/$2.49

Women's Black Maternity Dress: $29.94/$3.97

Women's Coral Sport Vest: $12.94/$1.47

Women's White Long Sleeve Shirt: $10.50/$5.99

Men's Black Workout Shirt: $12.94/$9.00

Total: $191.90/$57.44

SAVED: $134.46

So go out and find the CLEARANCE Aisles and SAVE!

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