Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrifty Saves

President Day Sale at Value Village!
50%off SALE

Men's Champion Athletic Shirt:  $5.99/$3.00

Boys Russell Athletic Fleece Coat: (NEW) $3.99/$2.00

Boys Old Navy Button up Shirt: $3.99/$2.00

Boys Canyon River Blues Button up Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Boys St. Patricks Shirt: $1.99/$1.00

Boys Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Boys Trans Formers Shirt: $2.99/$1.50

Toddler Girls Arizona Capri's: $2.99/$1.50

Toddler Girls Kids Headquaters Coat: $3.99/$2.00

Toddler Girls Rubber Rain Boots: $3.99/$2.00

Kidsline Girls Crib Sheet: $3.99/$2.00

Toddler Girls Strawberry Shortcake Fleece Blanket: $4.99/$2.50

2 Recycled Caprisun Zip Pouch: $3.99/$2.00 (each)

Curtain Rod: (Not on Sale) $1.99

Total: $54.85/$30.97


GO! To Value Village today and SAVE! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lucky with GREEN!

Valentines is over so lets get ready 
to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

 Decorate with LUCKY Family Picture!


 Rainbow Jello!

Mason Jar full of treats for the kiddos

You can't forget the Teacher! 

 Pot O' Gold

 St. Patties Treat!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thrifty Saves

At Old Navy

Not only saving money at Thrift Stores but 
CLEARANCE day at a retail store are even BETTER!

(2) Boys Vest: $29.94/$7.49 each

Boys Long Sleeve Soccer Shirt: $12.94/$1.47

Girls Fleece Pants: $12.94/$3.99

Girls Fleece Zip Up Coat: $14.94/$3.99

Toddler (Girls) Teal Lace Shirt: $14.94/$5.49

Toddler (Girls) Brown Fleece Pants: $9.94/$2.49

Women's Black Maternity Dress: $29.94/$3.97

Women's Coral Sport Vest: $12.94/$1.47

Women's White Long Sleeve Shirt: $10.50/$5.99

Men's Black Workout Shirt: $12.94/$9.00

Total: $191.90/$57.44

SAVED: $134.46

So go out and find the CLEARANCE Aisles and SAVE!