Saturday, August 18, 2012

Treat your KIDS too!

I always liked the first day of school because when we got home
my mom always had a TREAT for US!

Here's a few you can make for your KIDDOS!

Cupcake Apple...Be careful there's a WORM
Back to school!

Pretzel Apples
To find other CUTE ideas visit Party Pinching

The Wheels on the Bus Cheese Quesadilla's
or Cinnamon & Sugar Chips 
You can also do Letter's or Numbers


You can find more FUN ideas and printable tags at

Back to School

As this SUMMER comes to an end...Start your SCHOOL Year off 
with showering gifts for the TEACHER!

A little goodie bag for a teacher's first week of school. 
Getting back into the teaching routine is hard. Treats help. :)

Cut the bottoms of 2 liter pop bottles and you have an APPLE!
Feel it with Chocolate :) 
Apple boxes

What a FUN and creative way to Hold stuff!
Even for Flowers

Fun more ideas coming soon....