Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thrifty SAVES

Not to long ago I saw on a ladies blog
that you DON'T have to save money using Coupons...

Thrifty Shopping Saves you MONEY too!
Trips I save to the Thrift stores or just "THRIFTY" saves at the Store!
I'm going to Share!

Value Village is a GREAT place to Shop!
Hit the Discount days :) 
(Best day for our Value Village to go is 99cent Mondays)

So Today was 50% off all 
USED Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Bed & Bath
For Veterans Day! 

Toddler (Girls) 2pc Babies R Us Brand PJ's: $1.99/$1.00  

Toddler (Girls)  Old Navy Butterfly Dress: $2.99/$1.50

Women's Green Shirt: $4.99/$2.50

(2) Toddler (Girls) Greendog Tie Shirt: $1.49/$.75 each 

Arrow Brand (Boys) Church Shirt $3.99/$2.00

Faded Glory Brand Long Sleeve (Boys) N.Blue Shirt: $1.49/$.75 

Gilligan & O'Malley Brand Sleepwear (Women's): $2.99/$1.50
Gilligan & O'Malley Brand Sleepwear (Women's): $3.99/$2.00

Mossimo Brand Dress (Women's): $6.99/$3.50
Amp Energy Shirt (Men's): $3.99/$2.00

Not on Sale:
Chicken Run DVD: $2.99
Old Mouse Trap Game: $2.99

Total: $42.37/$26.34

SAVED! $16.03  
Retail would be much more! 
So go out and SAVE money and go "THRIFTY"      

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