Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Handouts

You need help with Handout ideas?
Well, here's a few that you can do by Tuesday :)

Pop Pop! Happy Valentine's Day

1. POPin Valentine: Go Make a POPin Valentine's treat out of a microwave Popcorn bag
over at Go Team Duncan. Great Ideas and Cute!

2. I Dig You: Give this Cute Valentine gift using plastic shovel and candy.
You can always count on FamilyFun with Cute ideas.

3. Fish Valentine: Make this Valentine out of Swedish Fish.
"Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad we swim in the same School."
"glad we're in the same School"

4. You Rock: Make a You Rock Valentine for someone that Rocks!
Pop rocks is all you need for this Great Idea!

You Make my HEART GLOW!


Room Mom 101: Has other CUTE ideas if you need anymore HELP!

If you need any other FUN ideas PINTEREST is always GREAT!

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